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Collection System Survey for CMOM Guidance Document
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Download and save this spreadsheet. Once completed, return to this page and upload the file. Please forward this email as needed within your utility. This information cannot be found on GAWP's website. It is only available through this email.

We thank you for participating in this very important survey. The following policy and procedures will be followed in using the information that you provide.

1. Responses to the questionnaire will return to GAWP and are confidential; GAWP (and the CSC) will not know or be able to trace who the respondent is.

2. While utility members are not obligated to answer any or all questions, a fully completed survey would be appreciated by the Collection Systems Committee.

3. As some of the data will take time to gather, 60 days has been given to complete the survey. Please advise if you require more time.

4. If you have any questions about the survey, please do not hesitate to contact Rob Bocarro, Chair of the CSC at (770) 673-3642