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Wastewater Gold/Platinum Awards Application
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GAWP Wastewater Gold and Platinum Award Application


1. Download this excel spreadsheet, completely enter your data and save this file on your computer in a place you can find it.

2. Complete the form below and upload your completed spreadsheet from Step 1 to submit your Wastewater Gold and Platinum Award Application. 

3. If submitting for more than one facility, please complete these process for each.


Gold and Platinum Awards will be recognized in the Spring Conference Program. All certificates will be mailed by the end of April 2014. 

Click Here to view a list of Gold/Platinum Award recipients for Wastewater Facilities.
Click Here to view the FINAL list of 2014 Industrial Gold/Platinum Award recipients

These lists are current as of 03/11/14. If you have a question or correction, please email Ashley Simeone.

Submission deadline: March 7, 2014 (Industrial Deadline: February 14th)

GAWP Corporate/Utility Membership required to participate in this award. The 2013 Program includes record keeping and monitoring violation criteria - flow violations are exempt! a violation of recordkeeping and/or monitoring requirements disqualify a facility from receiving the Gold/Platinum Award.
By selecting "Yes" below, you are certifying that this facility meets all requirements to receive a Gold Award.